Buck Wild was born out of a passion for homebrewing and a desire for delicious gluten-free beer. After adopting a gluten-free diet in 2006, my biggest challenge as a craft beer enthusiast was finding a quality beer that was not brewed with barley, wheat or rye. I figured there had to be a way to brew a 100% gluten-free beer that rivaled the high quality and full flavor of today’s fantastic craft beers, so I decided to create my own.

After many long days and nights of experimenting at home, I developed several gluten-free beer recipes that were enjoyed by friends and family. I found that by brewing with gluten-free grains that I had malted and roasted, I was able to produce rich, flavorful beers that were every bit as good as today’s popular craft beers.

My homebrew recipes received such positive reviews that I was inspired to make the beer available to a wider audience. In late 2011, I began working alongside the beer maestros at UC Davis to focus on improving and scaling the recipes. After much trial and error, I eventually succeeded in working out a process that now enables me to craft my recipes on a large scale.

It was an amazing journey to go from homebrewing in my garage to reaching the point of commercial production. The wild adventure continues as I share my beers not just within the gluten-free community, but also with discerning craft beer enthusiasts.

Buck Wild is currently brewed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am thrilled to share Buck Wild with you. Now everyone can enjoy quality craft beer. Pick up some wildly-delicious Buck Wild, grab your friends and enjoy!